Our advantage is your ease!

Everybody with experience in importing flowers must admit several issues can occur during the process. Think about delivery to the airport on time, delivery at the correct location, delivery with the correct label on the box, delivery with the correct documents, and so on..
Our spectrum of services is widely ranged when we talk about fully controlling your shipment from Nairobi JKIA Airport , Kenya.
From Kenya we can monitor your processes. Think about consolidation, your logistics, your documents and the quality of the shipment.
 On top of that we are well known at many Kenyan flower farms also, so if any services in the process of buying from farms is needed, you are at the right address now, because it is also in our range of services.
The advantages, we know, when we optimize our supply chain logistics it will be saving us time and for sure we will reducing the costs.

Consolidation, the process where we combine several smaller shipments into one shipment. It helps to reduce the cost of shipment and to make delivery of goods even quicker.
At your service for taking away the time demanding tasks which comes with your orders and shipments from Kenya!