Quality Control

We at Floral Chain Africa Ltd aim to add value to every stage of the supply chain. 

To help our customers cut on costs we ensure all flowers delivered to the airport are ready and good for export. We have established following parameters for quality check

1. Packing Observation

  •  State of the box
  •  Label information
  •  Internal temperature
  •  External strapping
  •  Bunching
  •  Internal Strapping

2. Head size observation

  •  Variety
  •  head size
  •  Cut stage
  •  presence of technical or mechanical damages
  •  Presence of dehydration
  •  Presence of Pests and diseases

3. Stem/Leave Observations

  •  Stem length
  •  Stem Diameter
  •  Leave health
  •  Presence of technical damages on leaves/broken stems 
  •  Presence of dehydration/fresh cut
  •  Pest and diseases

Instructions to Clearing Agent

We provide instruction to the clearing agent at destination could be IP handlers or other as instructed by our customer. Having checked all boxes received are properly marked with Truck Name and Label and all flowers are of good quality condition and with correct paper work we handover the consignment for uplift to the cargo agent. After we confirm with the Cargo agent all boxes are uplifted we therefore prepare instructions for loading to final destination